Hello, dear ones,

For far too long we have kept you waiting for news, for which we apologize and now give you a condensed overview of what we have done in time.

The most important thing right at the beginning:

The foundation

On 9.4. the company “Tribeshouse UG ( limited liability )” was officially and notarially founded with Timo Görs as managing director and Kolja Ehmling and Benjamin Richter as partners.

We are very happy about this big and important step and will toast to it at our next meeting with you all.

scene of action

For our business address we are allowed to use the Hafven in Hannover, a Co-Working and Maker-Space, in which we can also continue to work diligently and try out.

We can also do some community maintenance here, get tips from others, and attend workshops. All this has helped us a lot in the last months and we would like to thank everyone at and in Hafven!


In the virtual world, we have created a complete working environment and can work on our concepts from anywhere at any time.

The Plan

Our business plan has been drawn up, albeit not yet in a fully formulated form.

Since January 2019, Timo, Kolja and Benni have held personal or telephone meetings twice a week to discuss and tackle all the necessary details of a young company.

Currently, administration and prototyping are at the top of the list.

The next steps

Tribeshouse is constantly evolving, although a bit slower than we had hoped for, and we will try to keep you updated on a regular basis in the future.

In the weeks and months to come:

  • Completing the prototype
  • Nina comes on board to take care of the community
  • Winnie comes aboard to set up the graphic design.
  • we will gradually write texts and publish blog articles on tribeshouse.com
  • with some content, design and pictures we can start the website as well

So you see, the long wait for news was worth it!

If you have any wishes, suggestions, complaints or questions, or want to participate, then write to us, call us or drum. We are looking forward to your support.

Best regards from

Timo, Kolja, Benjamin, Nina